Jaws Quint Impersonation Cosplay Costume, Robert Shaw impersonation cosplay costume

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Jaws - Quint Impersonation Cosplay Costume, Robert Shaw impersonation cosplay costume

Adding my Quint to the ocean of existing costumes and cosplays. Just threw some stuff together for a fun build and will take it more serious as the OCD kicks in, as usual. The research for this build has been hashed out thoroughly in several therpf.com builds and dedicated Jaws enthusiast sites. I will do my best to include these, as my build gets more serious. For today you get my take on "Quint goes to Career Day at the library":

"I am Quint. You all know me. You know what I do for a living."

Except that kid. He does not look like he knows about the danger of sharks. What's your name boy? You say Billy? You like sharks kid? You want to be friends with sharks?

And when you go in for the hug.... THEY GIT YA!!!

Is a shark your friend? NO, sharks want to eat your face off while you are still smiling, waiting for your little sharky huggy love. Grrrrr, and then goes after Susie over there but it's too late for you. You're chum now anyway.


Oooh, Got a text here.... oop, gotta go. Reports of fresh body parts on the public beach.

OK... In closing, do you still want that hug Billy?


(I loved how the shark toy looks like it is awaiting Billy's answer)


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    The quick and dirty version is a blue denim long sleeve shirt with dark buttons, green/green gray military jacket with upper and lower pockets, black pants (faded black denim looks great), dirty baseball cap black/brown (very dirty) but not a trucker cap, and extremely dirty and blackened canvas shoes (these likely started life as tan with white bottoms but are now nearly black) with brown or black socks. Facial hair is mutton chops and a very tight trim mustache. After I pass out and rebound in 8 hours, I will post some links to far more serious researchers and put in my two cents as to a complete build.


    Oh and this true gem, an extra scene, where, in one fluid monologue, Robert Shaw delivers the greatest true life story of the Indianapolis that was ever melded into a fictional work. Some variations from the true story were built in for movie impact (says critics) but its enough to make you understand the horror and loathing building up in this film.

    My Navy friend sent this to me two days back when I mentioned making the costume and is the reason I will continue with a more serious build.
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    Nailed it!

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    I got some gray hair makeup today and added back in some grey/white. I notice in the comp pictures below that his chops are black and white (pepper and salt), not grey. His mustache seems to be a lighter brown, also not just gray. Please ignore my hairline that is still dark brown as I was only testing the gray hair process on the facial hair.

    Of note, his lips form an up bow, mine are down, another pose adjustment to remember.

    I need to have more hair coming out the sides and I need the colored contacts but I believe the below comparison photos make me pretty confident that I can just go find a good boat and do some final pics. I do have some coat, shoe and pants upgrades to do but can certainly be quickly accomplished.

    Sorry for the barrage of photos but let me know where you see differences so I can continue to adjust:


    This one, above, is comping to a sculpture of Quint, not a live photo.


    And now I am seeing my hat needs to be even nastier. Moles will be my next practice step. I do have a pose fix for the up bow lips that also solves the difference in noses. If I scrunch up my nose in the "ooh stinky smell" while putting in a very slight snarl, my lip flatlines and my nose pulls down and in, closer to Robert's.
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    Nice!  The moles were one of the things I noticed in the reference photos that could be fun to reproduce.

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    These next sets have comparison pics from the movie.

    Minor mole additions, need to enlarge. Hair work on mustache and chops with coloring and styling but no additions on this round. 
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    Here is the link to a thread that does a very good job with research and instruction for a screen accurate replication of the costume. in that thread I have added some resources for the name tape.

    Thread 'JAWS: Quint from the ground up (Shoes, Pants, Shirt, Jacket, Hat)' https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/jaws-quint-from-the-ground-up-shoes-pants-shirt-jacket-hat.302925/
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    After completing my shoe, shirt and jacket customizations, I worked on hair color, aging, facial hair pattern and some fill as well as hair additions at the ears. Although the moles do not show as clearly as the other changes, they are correct and colored to match. I used the dermaflage color matched silicone, powdered to dull the shine and added the brown tones in the correct locations to match Shaw. As per my norm, I made facial poses (only works for photos) at the time of the picture to get my all around facial shape to match closer to Shaw. Below is a full costume comparison to the movie and then a closer facial comp to show the hair and aging and moles. My hair ( about 18 inches ) is up in my hat. The flair of hair over the ears is add ins as is the center of the mustache as well.

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    Haha, love the sign.  The costume and likeness look fantastic.

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