What's On Your Workbench? (Fall 2023)

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What's On Your Workbench?


  • Darrell GreenDarrell Green ✭✭✭
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    This season finds me losing weight to finally get my pose pictures for my Will Turner cosplay.... still. However, I am touching up my Bard the Bowman for a skinny me attempt at a passable likeness. I was about 30 pounds overweight on my original pics. Since both outfits were very nearly complete, I took on the insane task of an Adam Ant cosplay both Then and Now. 80s, 2012 and 2020. So I get to really use my Stan Winston aging tricks, up and down the ages. My current work is mostly props, rings, clothing, hats, etc. but will get into facial hair and aging nearer to pose time. Here are a few of my hand made or customized items (some still in progress):

    This replica is 30 dollars in lieu of Adam's 20,000 version.
  • My apologies. I forgot to mention that I did not make the silver skull ring nor the belt buckle ring. The red skull ring I made from a base skull ring reshaped and then painted. All other rings are made from blank base stock rings by me. The watch was modified only on the face. The bracelet was modified by the addition of center catch and side clasp. All chrome items were repainted to have a more classic silver look. The heart pendant was repainted only and I added the extra silver band. The glasses started as a larger lens version and were dismantled, shaved considerably and rebonded then painted. The tricorn was started on a base felt tricorn and had only the matching edging upgraded. The bicorn, not yet complete, is completely from scratch. The Indian head nickel ring was the most difficult and has two mini coins and one main coin bonded to it. The small black pinky ring was made without a starting blank. It is complete scratch built from aluminum window trim, cut, shaped and painted.
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    Preparing for fall markets within my area.  It's been brutal juggling my time to finish everything in time. Hoping one day I can make me artwork a 24/7 career - till then
  • The first of many! Project Mallamus forced me to tap into my fantasy side while leaning on my love for nature. I originally pitched a Killer Croc concept I was going to use for my DC line but it would have been way too horrific. I’ll keep that in my back pocket.
    Here’s a sneak peek of Mallamus for John Cooley’s Convergence film!

  • First, freaking outstanding. I love your work and this one iis another win.

    Second, my brain immediately focused on your shoes when I read "killer crocs".

  • I just finished up this guy! The Wendigo Creature suit was fabricated out of EVA Foam, Latex, Poly Foam, Cotton, and a multitude of other materials both art and construction related. 

    This guy is wearable and even has LED light up eyes! 

    If you would like to see more of my work please follow me on Instagram :@CarlosgomezFX 

  • That is pretty much terrifying.
  • This month is a really busy month for me!

    4 silicone masks, 2 with a full head of hair.
    The Orc one is still a prototype, and will get its new core before the end of the month (I'm doing an hydrocal cast of the inside of the mask's mold with the mask inside, than a matrix mold, and then an epoxy and fiberglass core. I worked to improve the fit of my half mask power mesh hood too. Plus, I got some time to improve my shop a bit (new shelves and new lighting in my paint room)

    So yeah, busy month haha. 

  • First, freaking outstanding. I love your work and this one iis another win.

    Second, my brain immediately focused on your shoes when I read "killer crocs".
    Thank you! And that's now they're new nickname! Haha 
  • Somewhere in the season I started and finished a Jaws - Quint build (aging, hair work, minor prosthetics, costume customization).... will put all the details in a separate discussion but here is a funny for the bench convo: 

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