aspiring novice :P

I'm brand new to sculpting, definitely a serious learning process, but an absolute joy!!

This is a WIP obviously, but it's the first thing I've felt even close to worthy of sharing.
I started with intentions of a shrunken head, but somewhere along the way I saw a cartoon bulldog instead lol I found a pic similar to what I had in my head, and this is where I am now... Thoughts, advice, jokes, slanderous remarks? lol
Seriously though I would like some honest opinions :D

I'm working with sculpey.. not a huge fan of the bubbleyumminess of it, but I'm getting a feel for it lol


  • great form from what I can see, can you post several more photos all the way around?

  • Here you go.. The lower face is all I have focused on, I still need to build up the top, shape the sides, and the back is nothing more than a safe place to grip right now. I will blend the top of the nose in as I start building up eyes and brow.
  • It does have great form, be careful with the tongue if there is no armature in it, and I am learning a new respect for Sculpey. I just started my second Sculpey sculpture and you're right it's kind of bubblegummy in texture.
  • there is 20 gauge wire framing the tongue, and I'm still messing it up left and right lol Too easy to bump into. Gonna block in the other eye then I'm callin it a day.. return to it with a fresh head later tonight
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    Looks like a soliod start, would like to see progress on this one. so far the form looks great to me
  • didnt devote much time tonight, but here is where things stand. I hit a bit of sculptor's block I guess... I'm having trouble envisioning rounding out the sides, and I thought 'if I can't see it, I can't sculpt it' so I decided to walk away rather than tinker it to death
  • Looks like a great foundation! Can't wait to see the continued progress!

    You might try and find some reference on a bulldog's head from all different angles. That'll definitely help with the "if I can't see it, I can't sculpt it" problem you are experiencing. 
  • I couldn't comment on the work your doing in the current webinar, I think the school keeps it closed to the majority so you all can have more of a class discussion experience. I wanted to give you credit for being able to focus on such a sad picture in order to reproduce it and I'm glad to see you working on something happier.Both are turning out far better than you give your self credit for.
  • Have you tried Super Sculpey? It has a bit more body than regular scupley and isn't quite as "bubble gummy". For a couple of my pieces I've combined Super Sculpey and Sculpey III to get a clay that has a bit more body to it as well as added translucency. You might also consider trying out Sculpey Firm. It is pretty crumbly on its own before you've conditioned it though. You can also combine the Sculpey Firm and the Super Sculpey. That gives a really nice combination of the qualities of both of the clays. I recommend investing in a pasta machine/clay roller to help save your hands a bit. It can be pretty difficult to condition the Sculpey Firm especially.

    I think this is a great start on your sculpture. I can't wait to see the finished piece. Keep up the good work!
  • looking great!
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