Dauntless cosplay noob, how’d I do for a first go?

So I did a Dauntless cosplay for a comic con a while back. I had never made a full body before, and hadn’t really made a weapon prop before. Never worked with EVA foam, and even some of the fx paints before. I learned and will admit fabrication is not my strong suit, I probably will work on that course a bit more.
I’ve also never posted on the forums before simply because I’m shy, but I was wondering if I could get some advice and thoughts on my work… I’m very low budget. Did my best to work with video game physics. I definitely think I can do better. I’m just new


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    Fantastic work.  Trying something this ambitious for the first time and with a limited budget is a big challenge.  

    Keep up the good work!

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    Darrell GreenDarrell Green ✭✭✭
    Just now seeing this. Having made this right out of the gate is impressive. So many parts to this and yet when all is mounted and you side-by-side match it to the inspiration picture, the outlines match, the proportions match. If I look at this in reverse and I imagine what your costume and you would look like turned into a video gane character, this is a comparable transition. Your eye for design, placement and proportion is laudible for sure. Keep them coming! Just an inspired thought..... try a black light (party light) picture of this for comparison to the computer version.
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    For a first timer this is spectacular! I especially love the painted woodwork texture.

    Working with video game physics is always a jolly fun happy time. I'm quite involved with people who make Spartans from Halo, so I know how annoying clipping is in video games with armour.

    My main feedback would be for the metallic parts of the armour. If you have access to a way to spray paint pieces (like an outdoors area or a spray booth), you could spray paint the parts a metallic paint (avoid enamels!) for a shiny, even surface.
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