Which Latex Rubber to use as base coat

Hi :) I made a dinosaur from L200 foam and now I would like to spray paint it with Latex Rubber as described in the How to make a Dinosaur course by Ted Haines. However I am in trouble with finding the right Latex Rubber in Europe. I am based in Hungary and and I dont know where to order Latex Rubber and which one because there are so many variables of latex. Please can somebody help me with how to get the right Latex Rubber in Hungary?  I need it as a base coat for a foam sculpture. Thank you, 


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    Hey David - This is the Rubber Cement product that Ted coats the T-rex with after first sealing it with spray adhesive. We are checking to see if we can find any Hungarian suppliers for you.

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    Hey again David, Here's what we found out:

    A 1 litre can of Best-Test One Coat Rubber Cement can be purchased via Ubuy, which has a Hungarian customer-service office: https://www.ubuy.hu/en/product/14VI8RK1O-best-test-one-coat-rubber-cement-32oz-can?ref=list-gs
    Of course, it will be shipped from the US because it is not available in Europe, and you would have to pay customs (unfortunately unavoidable).
    The alternative would be Elmer's Rubber Cement, which can be found in one place only in Hungary: https://www.jokermagic.com/termek/elmer_s-0656-rubber-cement-ragaszto-_elmer_s_-usa_
    Unfortunately, it only comes in very small 118 ml bottles. There is no larger bottle version.
    We don't know how big the dinosaur is that you are working on, but you'll need to calculate which option will be a better value for you. Good luck with your project!
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