Out of Theater PTSD

Darrell GreenDarrell Green ✭✭✭
edited August 2023 in General
When suspension of disbelief lingers in that special part of your mind, waiting to pop out.

The picture I post will not be funny but what happened right before I took it was.

My mother's overgrown garden path. I volunteered to trim some trees. Every inch I move, some pokey stick stabs me in the head or some unseen spiderweb lays gently across my face, with spider attached, blackberry vines grabbing my clothes. I am standing there, eyes wide open, and can't focus on ANYTHING. The colors, the shadows, the sunlight directly in my eyes.... and this d@mn bird mimics the Predator precisely....

No amount of logic or common sense was stopping me from looking up.... directly into the sun...

I literally shuddered. I was completely blinded. I was laughing at myself but if that bird had shown himself for even a second, nature would have taken over and he would have been ended in one nerdy flailing nightmare.


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