My gender wasn't included as a profile option


So I was creating my profile on the main Stan Winston website after picking up the Jurassic June promo (I'm a miniature painter who wants to expand. So this appeals to me!) When I went to set up my profile, I only saw male or female as gender options and it defaults to male. I'm non-bi and well, there's no option for that. I ended up dropping my pronouns into the "biography" section of the profile. It's uh.... kinda disappointing. :C. Is there a chance that this will be fixed? 



  • Hi There!

    Thanks so much for pointing that out to us!  I'll pass that along to the dev team so we can get that fixed ASAP!

  • Thank you! I really appreciate that! Please let me know when that's an option? I'd certainly want to have that on my profile!
  • Absolutely!  Once it's been fixed I'll update you here.  I've already put in the request! :)

  • Here's a quick update for you.   I discussed this with the team, and the consensus was that since we are not using that information in any meaningful way, the best option is to not ask for gender.  Having that information does not change our ability to provide educational resources and some individuals may not be comfortable answering that question or find it intrusive.  That said, if anyone wishes to include that or any other personal information on their profile page in the biography ection, that is always an option.  What are your thoughts?


  • I think that is a great solution, Chris.
  • Okay. Gonna weigh in here because well.... I'm non-bi! XD But typically, whenever I see a gender option presented, "other" is listed as an option which is what I tend to go for if given that as my choice. So like male, female, and other.
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