Hey everyone! I had posted something on this a couple months back showing the sculpting phase of the indoraptor. I wanted to share the finished product as well. :) It made its debut at Monsterpalooza 2023, which was super fun. I'm also proud to say I completed it just in time for Jurassic June!! There's still a lot to do (finalizing paint, patching seams, and punching quills), but I'm very happy with what I've gotten done so far. My original plan for this project was to complete the full body (arms, legs, tail, etc.) which I'm still in the process of sculpting. 

The head and neck were sculpted with 1,000 pounds of WED clay (which I got the idea to use from Stan Winston School and Tim Martin), molded with epoxy and fiberglass (Mike Cooke's molding course), casted in latex, painted with latex paints and acrylics, a fiberglass skeleton for the skin to lay on top of, and eyes made by Fourth Seal Studios. The head and jaw also articulate. 7 months of work with the advice of industry professionals and friends helped me accomplish the end product.

Thanks for looking!


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