Life Size Cad Bane Bust [iixvicostumez]

Hello! My name is Nicholas and this is my second entry to the Creature Making Contest 2023. I am presenting a bust closely inspired by Star Wars' Cad Bane design from The Book of Boba Fett series. 

The incredible head sculp is by my friend Nigel Chua. It was 3D printed in pla and sanded/ primed before being painted with an airbrush. The eyes were made with clear acrylic, heated and formed from the inside of the head with a heat gun, then later painted from the inside of the eye with a sunburst design with an airbrush. A polyfoam bust was made for the head to sit nicely on before adding clothes. All soft parts were custom made with patterns I designed to be as close to the ones on screen as well as the fabrics I chose. The fabrics were also weathered with watered down bleach and lightly airbrushed on to create a dusty look. sweat stains were also added with both brown shoe polish and oil paints. "Metal" Parts were painted with alclad II and Alumaluster and then weathered with alcohols and acrylics. The removable greebles and back box files are by OuterRimWorkshop on Etsy. All the electronics were housed in the back box for the flashing red light and the controls to make the eyes light up. This was made possible by modifying the knobs from static to functioning on the box. 

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