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Hi All,
I am new to this forum and need some guidance in starting pathways courses it seems to be overwhelming it would good if someone can suggest me where and how to start the courses. For example if I choose Eyes and Teeth Pathway it has 14 courses and I want to know which course to start first. So in other words to identify where to start from.



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    Hi Tia,

    Our learning pathways are designed to help with that very challenge.  If you feel overwhelmed or don't know where to start, pick a pathway you like and start with the first course in the pathway.  You are also welcome to view a pathway in any order you like, but if you feel overwhelmed just start with the first course in the pathway. 

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    Finishing one course will automatically bring up the next in order of skill level and complexity and it monitors your completion in multiple ways, by total path, individual course and even chapters within courses. You can rewatch chapters until you feel you have it down and move to the next one that the pathway automatically opens or suggests. Easy peasy and then you can always ask for clarification in this chat and Chris and Matt show up like Oracles and give/get answers from the pros.
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