Albrekh The Sith Metalsmith Star Wars.

Albrekh The Sith Metalsmith who fixes Kylo Ren's helmet in  Episode 9.

Head sculpted in WED clay, molded in stone, skinned in neoprene and back filled with polyurethane foam. 
Ears sculpted and and attached separately. Hair punched top and chin for a five 0 clock shadow look.
Visor was 3d modeled in Fusion 360 and printed in PLA on Ender. Visor designed to hold two fans blowing in and out for airflow.
Varies tools on apron also designed in Fusion 360 and printed in PLA or Resin depending on level of detail.
Clothing was designed and sewn from scratch patterns.

Thank You!
Mikey Karrver 
Insta @Karrver


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