How do you display a miniature bust?

Hello, all!
I sculpted a miniature alien bust using a Casey Love video, but I have no idea how to display it. Is there a way to purchase bust displays or should I make my own? Does anyone have any suggestions? The bust has the same hole size and wire sticking out as the video. I can trim the wire as needed.


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    Hi Roseann, You can use a 1/2 inch pipe flange and 1/2 inch pipe with treads on both ends. You will need a wood base to screw the pipe flange into. 4 wood screws, wood at least 1/2 inch thick so your screws don't go through the board. You can measure the hole in your alien bust. Pipe flange come in smaller 1/4 inch as well but you will need to find a 1/4 inch flange. You can spray paint the pipe and base matte black for display. 
    Regards, Sean Dalton  
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    In the plumbing section of most hardware stores you will find dress covers for the flange base that slide onto the pipe and cover all the screws. They were originally intended to cover holes in the wall or floor where a plumbing pipe came through but will make a nice addition to Sean's description above. @Sean Dalton . But make sure you get one large enough to cover the flange so purchase them in that order, flange then cover.
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