Best rubber for soles of gorilla feet


Was wondering what the preferred rubber is for the soles of gorilla/creature feet?

Looking for something that will withstand the rigors of concrete etc. 

I was looking at Vulcanized rubber sheets and carving and shaping the bottoms to resemble soles, then gluing them to dive boots. 

Is EVA Foam durable?

Thank you!


  • Hey @Jeffrey Mahon - We passed along your question to master lab technician and Stan Winston School instructor Cory Czekaj and this is his advice:

    "I will brush in a few layers of slip rubber, then a final layer of slip rubber and burlap into the mold, then do a regular foam run to fill the rest of the mold.


    A few layers of slip rubber brushed in. Then a zero volume foam run brushed in to fill in the pads, then a regular foam run to fill the rest.

    I do both ways on the regular!"
  • Great!! Thank you Cory and Matt!!
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