Updating baby yoda. Hair punching issues

Hello all! Happy Thursday. 

I’m working on updating a baby yoda doll to make it more realistic. The problem I’m having is the vinyl is impossible to hair punch and superglue (including gel and spray versions) is not creating a strong enough bind. I may just haves to 86 his fuzzy details but wanted to see if there was another suggestion out there! 



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    I often use prosaide when laying hair on things like that. That might work for you.  

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    Matt WinstonMatt Winston Admin
    edited February 2023
    Hey @Imcgui we have an additional suggestion for you from master Hollywood hair artist and Stan Winston School instructor, Connie Grayson Criswell:

    "I have a vinyl baby Yoda sitting on my desk. I haven’t put any hair on it because of it being vinyl. You can take some matte adhesive (like Telesis) and paint the head section by section and lay the hair. Telesis dries clear. The matte adhesive has less shine than the regular one. I haven’t tried this, but it should work."

    Our course with hair artist Aimee Macabeo, in which she uses Pros-Aide to lay hair on a prosthetic makeup, will show you proper hair laying technique: https://www.stanwinstonschool.com/tutorials/character-hairwork-hair-laying-for-prosthetic-makeup?watch=1&&chapter=20
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