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Oversized eyes Part1 : digital sculpting and 3D printing

Hi! in the chapter ''building the inner core diameter'' i'm having some trouble! if someone wouldn't mind taking the time to answer, i'd be very grateful. the problem is where the pupil doesn't line up with one of the edge loops, so we're to use the Zmodeler to fix this. Sam then slides the edge in to meet the cylinder, and mine just won't move! grrr and i have no idea why. have looked at every tutorial but can't find the answer. please help!! :):) thank-you x


  • Photo's and video's always do the job here.
    You can find dif 3D groups on FB , but i'm sure somebody here can help you for 100%.
    I have a 3D printer , but still learning digital sculpting , so i won't be able 2 help you doh.
    good luck with ur project , step by step - digital sculpting and 3D printing is fun. B)

  • Hi @Lara Jones I shared your question with instructor Sam Polin and this is what he had to say:

    "At the 9:30 mark in chapter 5, I go into the z modeler menu while hovering over an edge. I select slide; edge loop complete. This is what allowed me to move the edge loop. Hope that helps."
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