Swapping Facebook login for email and password login

I am loving this site and the wealth of information in all the videos, thank you so much! 
I set up my account initially with a Facebook login which is sometimes causing me a bit of grief, and I wondered if it's possible to swap it for the email and password option? I couldn't see how to do it on the 'My Account' page but maybe there's a way.
Any help much appreciated.
Thanks! Catherine


  • Hi Catherine,

    Do you want to change your account for our forum, or for our main site?


  • Hi Chris, 

    For the main site if possible.

    Many thanks, Catherine
  • Hi Catherine,

    Once logged in, if you go to this URL you should be able to change your email address/password 


    I believe that should then let you then log in with that username and password combination.

    If that does not work we can get you in touch with our support team.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hi Chris,

    Many thanks for the suggestion! I have tried this but unfortunately it requires putting in your existing password (and I don't have one) to change it to another one, so I can't seem to set it up that way. It's not a big problem using the Facebook login if it's too tricky to change though.

  • Hi @Catherine Pulman I've private-messaged you a temporary password so you can log in to your SWSCA account and create a new password. Please confirm everything works for you after that. Thanks!
  • It worked! Thanks very much both! 
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