Making a mold of a polymer clay sculpture

Hello, I need help deciding what kind of mold to make for a project of mine. It is a 38 inch long alligator made of a 3d printed base and sculpted on-top with polymer clay. The skin for the project needs to be flexible as this is going to be an animatronic with a lot of movement I was going to make a concrete mold of it and then paint on the foam latex skin, however I was told that wouldn't work. I want the mold to reflect the detail in the alligator, and I need the skin to do the same. I'm unsure however, of where to start. I've tried researching for multiple hours and can't find many good posts on instructions on how to continue. I was considering making a silicone mold but I was told that foam latex won't adhere as good to it as it would to concrete. Any suggestions on how to make a flexible skin for such a large piece? Any suggestions help.


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