Hi! I want to try Shellac as an alternative to crystal clear, I've hear it's cheaper and really does the job! Would it work to seal a sculpture prior to applying ultracal30 or Procast 132 polyurethane ? What brand do you guys use and where could I find it ? I'm in Montreal, Canada. Thank you!!


  • I've only ever used crystal clear, but shellac should work.  I would do a small test by making a small sculpt with some test details, coating it with whatever shellac formula you settle on, then applying ulttracal30 as you would normally.  Basically, just create a mini sculpt/mold, and you can see if any issues arise without risking a full sculpt.

  • Hey Nina,

    Re: Shellac brands, in our course "Make a Monster Suit - Part 2," Tim Martin uses Zinsser brand Bulls Eye Shellac to seal a WED clay sculpture before molding.

    You can view the course chapter here:

    This particular brand of shellac is widely available. I would check hardware stores and home improvement centers (e.g. Home Depot) in the Montreal area.
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