Best wire for simple lip curl?

Was wondering if there a preferred wire type for a simple lip curl mechanism in a silicone mask? 

Thank you



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    Hi Jeffrey,

    I usually use musical wire. (guitar, piano)  You can pick between thinner and thicker musical wire based on the size of your character, how much force it needs to apply, etc.  

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    Thanks Chris?
  • This will only make sense for long term use but here's my two cents.... My son is in violin classes and we save all of the strings from his changeouts. I have noticed some differences and looked into why. This might help determine what you buy. Some strings (wire) is uncoated metal. This would lend to less friction if it is unstranded (not coil wrapped) but more friction if it is coil wrapped and not coated. Coated strings have a teflon outer layer and last longer in damp/wet than uncoated. First consideration would be the need for that coating for anti corrosion and second would be the need for lower friction and possible lubrication. All of that would be dependant on your application but just be aware they are not all the same. However music wire/strings are the best purpose made for tensile strength as Chris suggested.
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    Also, the really cool part is that most music strings come prewired around a stop nut that makes it really easy to install in your rigging.
  • Ah yes!! Guitar strings. Never thought about the stop nut! Thanks Darrel!
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