How to Make Eyes: Puppets, Masks & Makeups

I have a question regarding natural eye shine. When a bright light is pointed at any creature it gets eyeshine, different colors for different species. Could this be replicated with spherical eyes by using a metallic or pearlescent color before the base coat of white? Something that would allow reflection out of the pupil? Also, is there a way to purposely do the same but with a glittering shimmer akin to the eyeshine rainbow affect from real fish eyes?


  • One option would be to drill the pupil quite deep, paint the hole black,  lay in a retroreflective circle at the bottom of the hole, add a gel to color it, then fill it with clear epoxy.   Any light making its way down into the eye would bounce back out along the same path, colored by the gel.

    Not sure about the shimmer ide, but I'm sure there are things you could try.

  • That sounds brilliant. The black would stop it from shining from all angles and hold it to the direct head on lighting that is known to create eye shine. Love it.
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    If you give it a shot, I wanna see video! ;)

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