Flocking powder

Lysa ShinLysa Shin
edited December 2022 in Sculpture
In the class Sculpture Techniques - Miniature Head Sculpting. It just talked about getting a wine colored flocking powder. The question I have is it important that you use wine and red  flocking powder with the beige super sculpty. is that to help make it look more realistic ,or does it matter what color that you use for flocking powder. I'm pretty new at this so this is it new and cool technique that I didn't know about so if anybody can help. Please help


  • Matt WinstonMatt Winston Admin
    edited December 2022
    Hi @Lysa Shin Wonderful that you're diving into sculpting with Super Sculpey! The reason Jordu recommends going with a red-tone flocking powder is that it creates a realistic illusion of blood flow within the Super Sculpey "skin". 
  • Hi @Matt Winston. That makes total sense as I'm an illustrator and I do use some red undertones in my paintings and stuff I didn't know how it worked with super sculpey. So I thought I would ask. I'm really excited to dive into this I've been wanting to do this for a while. Thank you so much for your assistance.
  • Absolutely my pleasure @Lysa Shin. Please post pics here of your progress as you start experimenting!
  • Absolutely @Matt Winston.You got it.
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