Katahdin (PROPHECY) bear update

I fiberglassed the sculpting of my Katahdin bear...tried to brush in urethane rubber to make a skin and back it with foam...first result was a "failure" due to tiny patches of fiberglass being exposed between waxings...it made the rubber grab hard and hold firm as hell to the fiberglass
So i fell back on the "ole reliable"..brushing the urethane rubber skin into the silicone mold made from the sculpting ( I always "save my work" in case something goes sideways)

At the moment is a test fitting of the skin along with the fur... hoping when a good one is finished i can send it to my friend Tommy McLoughlin...who actually "played" the bear in the movie ( the guy in the bearsuit)


  • The uretahane skin pulled from the silicone mold
  • Fur test fitting with the skin...
  • It is projects like this that allow me to expand my skills not only as a taxidermist specializing in custom design mounts but also as a hobby SFX artist...
    Regular everday taxidermy has kinda gotten boring so i am glad to be able to use my homemade forms and such for nightmare fuel ideas such as this
  • Sorry to hear about your troubles with the fiberglass.  Glad you got it to work in the end!

    Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together!

  • Honestly, you have such an amazing base of skill to springboard from. So many people pay good money to learn about anatomy and sculpture the things you already know. Excited to see where the imagination takes you now.
  • Thank you so much darrell..My wife has said i should start teaching folks locally how to do these kinds of things but unfortunatley..not much interest from the kids these days..all of them stuck on their phones or TV..

  • PrPrettPPr
  • Pretty much the final results right here...i think maybe doing a slightly different color of fur might closer match the bear from the movie but...if its any consolation...the man himself Tommy McLoughlin (director of Friday the 13th part 6 and lead singer of The Sloths)..said it was like looking into a F'ing mirror..except he wasn;t that young anymore :)
  • Turned out great, and quite terrifying! 

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