Advanced Creature Teeth

Hi, I watched teeth masterclass with John Cherevka and I am planning to make some creature teeth soon, but I cannot find any vacuum form machine around me. Is it possible to scuplt the teeth on the stone mold and cast them on epoxy mold (will use some sort of separator) so I will end up only with the teeth but without the transparent base? Is there anything particular I should avoid or be aware? Is it possible to do this without the machine or should I just keep looking for the vacuum machine?

Thanks! I really liked the video tutorial.



  • Hi Daniel @[email protected]

    Although it is certainly possible to skip the vacuum forming step, your prosthetic dentures will be far less durable and much more prone to cracking. Therefore we strongly advise you to follow the procedure taught by John Cherevka.

    You can find a variety of reasonably priced dental vacuum forming machines on Amazon here:

    We're so glad you enjoyed the course. John is an amazing teacher!

    Happy teeth making,

  • Hi Matt,

    thanks a lot for your quick reply back. I appreciate it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • It's my pleasure, Daniel @[email protected]! Please be sure to post pictures of your finished teeth. We'd love to see how they turn out!
  • Hi @Matt Winston I have bought two types of dental polymer for the project, one is nice and pink for the gums but the second one is opaque instead of white-ish (the local supplier did not specify the opavcity), is there a way I can tint the polymer? I could paint it, but I thought maybe tinting it before castinf would work better. Thank you very much for any advice.
  • I've never tried it, but it may be possible to use acrylic pigments with dental acrylic.  I would do a small test to see how different pigments work.

  • Hey Daniel @[email protected] To add to what @Chris Ellerby suggests (testing is always very illuminating), I recommend you also get in touch with your local supplier directly since they will (hopefully) be familiar with what's possible with the products they sold to you. They may have some guidance or additional products available that will help you tint the polymer to your desired shade. Good luck!
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