*** 2022 Halloween Costume Contest Winner Announcement ***

Congratulations to the Grand Prize winner of the Stan Winston School Halloween Costume Contest, Ukrainian artist Dzhuliia MELNIK, for creating your Demon Astaroth character. Knowing you made this under the pressure of war is an incredible accomplishment.

We’re looking forward to hearing your entire story in your artist spotlight blog!

According to Dzhuliia:

"I made this demon in my free time during the war in Ukraine. It had made this before I left. There were many challenges that I learned to deal with. With each Characters I get new experience and the opportunity to develop!"

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Grand Prize Winner:

Dzhuliia MELNIK - Demon Astaroth


Anhyra C - Savathûn The Witch Queen from Destiny 2

Honorable Mentions:

Andy Savage - Frankenstein's Monster

Liz Vineman - MOTHMAN

Deadneckstudios - Stitch Witch & Pin Cushion

Arlequin Workshop - Anselme - Goblin servant

- Team SWSCA

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