Demon Astaroth by Dzhuliia MELNIK

I made this demon in my free time during the war in Ukraine. It had made this before I left.  There were many challenges that I learned to deal with.  With each Characters I get new experience and the opportunity to develop!  I sculpted the head  with clay, which I did on my own.  Since there was no quality clay like Monster Clay  in Ukraine at that time, I took sculptural soft clay and changed the formula, which allowed me to get more clay and at the same time performed the functions of Monster Clay.

 For the first time, I molded a mold in such a way that I poured foam-latex into a closed mold through a hole in master model head, I learned this moment at Stan Winston School.  I had to sculpt the torso in 1 day, exactly on my birthday, since I hadn’t  a lot of time for all, I had to leave my country because of the war, that’s why I was in hurry.So I would devote more time to the sculpture and cut the details separately .  But was limited in time and materials.

 Molded with fiberglass.

 I glued the pantyhose along the entire torso, I mixed the foam-latex  in 4 mixers at the same time, since I don’t have a large mixer for 20 liters, I juggled the gelling agent and squeezed it into the mold.

 My dad built an oven for me, so now I have the opportunity to bake full-length characters . 

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