Ironman Mark 50

Pleas help me achieve this gold finish for the mask. Thanks!!!!


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    There are 2 types, wiThere are 2 types, with and without vertical lines, please tell me if you have any suggestion 🙏🏽
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    I think my first line of investigating this is to ask if the paint was the cause of the original lines. If the paint layer is thin enough the lines may only be from the texture of the sculpt or the material used to cast. If that is the case, the prep work to eliminate the lines would need to be done prior to painting. If the lines are in the paint itself, I would say avoid using a brush on the primer and top coat as it should not striate on its own. Typically, the texture you are striving for is the one I get when using metallics on a polymer, plastic surface without a full wet coat. If you have some sample or scrap of the mask material, it would be worth attempting to airbrush at different distances and trial using several layers to achieve a similar finish. I have had similar finishes if I do not do a full wet edge spray but rather stacked dispersed speckles. In automotive paint, this texture is avoided on purpose by always covering the still wet edge with the next pass. In your case you would be wanting it to dry between passes to get this not so perfectly gloss finish. Having not done this on purpose, in my past, I could only suggest doing some trial runs. You would need to be farther away than normal to not get at least a stripe of perfect wet coat. That would not be good as you would see it as gloss stripes after drying.
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