Velociraptor costume

So many great costumes everyone! It's so fun to see your talent! Not sure I can compete!

I have always made Halloween costumes for my daughter, but they are usually pretty simple and cute, hand sewn from felt (easy-to-use material!) This year she wanted to be a velociraptor, she loves the show Camp Cretaceous on Netflix (apart of Jurassic Park/world thing). Anyway, she wanted it to look like the character Blue and she wanted it to be "realistic." 

So this was quite sculptural and I had never made anything like this before! It needed to be something a 9 year old would tolerate wearing and somewhat easy to trick or treat in. I watched some YouTube videos for inspiration (how I was introduced to stan Winston school) but went with my own materials and design. 

The head was made by sculpting foam with a bread knife, covering it with air dry foam clay and adding texture with a rubber tipped brush. I spray-painted it in grey and added a blue stripe and then dry brushing it in layers -3 shades of greys and white to highlight. This brought out the texture. I made the eyes, teeth and claws with polymer bake clay and hand painted them. A few layers of gloss gave the teeth, foam tongue, and eyes a shinny wet look. The feet were made out of almost out grown croc style shoes, the foam clay stuck to it perfectly. The top of the head and the lower jaw were in 2 pieces, I used velcro to secure them together and to keep it on her head. The sweatshirt and leggings were painted to give the dinosaur skin look and pattern. I then stuffed it with polyfill to give her body a dino muscle shape. I think it turned out great!
p.s. the teeth glow in the dark!


  • That is a very cute costume!
    Well done!
  • I love the swagger. OK, I already liked the teeth just for sculpture sake but glow in the dark!!! I would so ravage my friends while treating with glow in the dark teeth.
  • Oh man I would have LOVED to wear that costume as a kid. I am sure it blew every other kid's Halloween costumes out of the water. Great work. I might borrow your foam head carving idea.
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