Hi everyone, I am Sunny from Hong Kong and current reside in Germany. 
I am a cosplayer but I always have my highest respect to SFX artists and the art form itself.

This suit is from the classic Japanese animation "Neon Genesis Evangelion".
It is a foam fabrication wrapped in synthetic leather, similar to the japanese-made Megazord tokusatsu stunt suits from Power Rangers. The jaw is movable with my real jaw by a simple pulley construction.

I see through the neck pieces and the head sits on top of a gutted construction helmet.
The legs are a pair of platform boots disguised as foot - I am 170cm tall and in suit I can be over 220cm tall.

Its design has been heavily altered based on my preference to achieve better durability and mobility, and lower the difficulties of fabrication. And most importantly, by adding extra lines on the body, I believe it could produce stronger visual illusion that affects the sillhouette and the overall proportions.

Here is a test video of me filming myself in costume. I work alone so this is the only way to see my work from outside: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/lSCm1utTpHM

I have seen some amazing and inspiring works in the SWS forum and I wish you have a good time sharing and appreciating the neverending creativity in costuming and crafting!


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    great build and the height really impresses. The use of the small mech face makes it believable as non human. 
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