Stitch Witch & Pin Cushion

These are characters and costumes my fiancé and I created from scratch this year for Halloween! The female character represents an undead seamstress witch who has replaced her hands with sewing machine gadgets to reanimate corpses by using dark magic to stitch them together. This character consists of a sculpted shoulder piece with fabricated bone spools, a fabricated forearm sewing machine cuff, custom half mask, hand sewn dress, and modified witch hat. The male character represents her corpse pin cushion and this character consists of a sculpted rib cage, sculpted right clavicle/scapula shoulder piece, sculpted left scapula, sculpted spinal column zipper cover, sculpted enlarged forearm glove, custom sock mask, and hand made patchwork suit. We had a lot of fun with these characters and hope you guys enjoy them!  Thank you and Happy Halloween!


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