Krylon Crystal Clear issues

I have been using Krylon on everything I make for over 5 years and I loved it, Recently It has been causing sticky issues,
I clean my items with alcohol first before painting with acrylic paint as usual. I am even using the same brands and even the same bottles of paint that were working a while back and now I will paint an item let it dry then fix it with Krylon Gloss paint. Only to have it  create spots or areas of sticky goo, It actually makes my acrylic paint turn gooey and after the rest has dried those spots just smear, even when left to dry for days,
I was told it was because the paint is probably not mixing with the hardener that is creating the stickiness in random spots so i shook it up for 2 minuites before i sprayed another item only to have the same results,
Others say it is reacting with the acrylic paint due to a new formula since it was bought out by rustoelum, and it does seem that one can works better than another so there seems to be insonsistancy, But why does most of the item dry fine with just spots of gooiness?
Another forum post says that its the nozzle which sprays inocnsistently and that I should try buying new nozzles  I haven't done that yet,
I have seen that many are having the same issues,
I tried some new more toxic automotive paint and it dries well and sprays more evenly but it isn't as glossy and it costs 4 times more, Have an of you had these issues and are you having any luck fixing them?


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    Your process sounds fine, and I've not had this issue in the past with Krylon clear coats over acrylics.  I wonder if it's an old/bad can?  Very concerning!

    Everything should be fine if the acrylic is fully dry, the can is well shaken/mixed, and thin coats are applied.  Really curious about what could be causing the issue.

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    Any successful runs since that time?
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