Anselme - Goblin servant

I present you Anselme,
A hunchback Goblin servant, created for a Warhammer inspired LARP
He is the servant of Human scholar, and he's like the classic grovelling "Igor" but even if he's domesticated, he's still a mischievous Goblin.
Anselme in motion :
Mask's range of movement

WIP Mask
the mask and ears have been sculpt in clay
the ears are made separately to facilitate all the process but especially to be fixed on the hood and not on the mask so easier for the wearer to put on and out the mask if needed.

Then everything has been mold with plaster and casted in latex
Here you can see the casts before paint with the foam muscle suit

For the overall proportions I work make the forearms really bigger than my arms
The forearms (you can see the base on the previous pic) have been done like the muscle suit but then I put some fleece and then made a latex skin over it
The rest of the body is covered so I don't have to worry about it
Always for proportions I make big gloves repurposing old hockey gloves

To continue with proportions I made big shoes with evafoam and leather with a boots inside for confort

It was time to work on the clothes
first I made a pant very roughly to stay in the goblin handmade/old rag with the foam in around the calf to still break the human proportions
then I weathered it with latex and various paint to look like an old leathery old rag
Then I made the hood with scrap leather
I made a small cape with leather I dyed and weathered

Then I made his tunic and weatherd it too with the hood

And I made some props 
the belt using various scraps, width and colour like he scavaged some

And a pouch because it's always useful

Thank you if you followed me in this quick work in progress ^^


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