Hugh Glass the Revenant

This was created from scratch earlier this year. Each piece was either hand made or highly modified, including the stick. The backgrounds are from the original movie. I can load up the originals with my white sheet backdrop but the main build thread is here on SWSCA

My favorite part was the facial hair additions and the frostbite and bear damage makeup. This first is my zoom shot of the main pose... (in summer on my patio, no snow in sight) Check out the wicked frost bite chap lips, I definitely had fun with this one. All my makeup was scraps from my daughter.


  • So, although no bear was involved, I was attacked by two small bugs while hiking the hill looking for this stick. As method acting goes, this is likely a nonstarter... :)
  • Turned out great!  And the stick was worth the encounter with nature's wrath.

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