My entry for this years 2022 Halloween Costume Competition "The Monster"

I created this look, my homage to "Frankenstein's Monster", using predominantly products bought from @neillsmaterials here in the UK.
The lifecast was made using Key-Form backed with plaster bandage and cast with Herculite-2 plaster.
The prosthetics were sculpted using Chavant Medium clay, with Seperator applied to the cast first. Once floated off, the sculpts were flat-plate moulded.
I made the moulds and the prosthetics using Plat-sil 25, (the prosthetics were deadened using Platsil Deadener LV and encapsulated with Super Baldiez).
On the day the prosthetics were glued using Sil-Key, coloured with Dashbo Palettes and Inks, and removed with ProClean.
The idea was to completely re-imagine the look of the classic monster, making him more of a gothic patchwork quilt of human flesh.
It might not be the most over-elaborate effort compared to most entries this year, but I thought I'd go with an understated take on a classic monster!
Good Luck Everyone and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


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