How much material (Clays, Epoxys, Resins, etc) needed for courses?

Is there a Silicon Mask Making Category on the forums? I couldn't find it so I had to choose General. I've finished all 3 Silicone Mask Making Part 1 - 3 courses but I want to know how much material I need to buy to emulate what was done by the instructor.

On the course webpages under the list of materials, I've noticed it does not state the amount of material's lbs., gallons, or any units of how much material such as clays, epoxies, resins, etc. was used by the instructor.

Has anyone done the course before or can direct me in the right direction? How do I know how much material to buy without risking a transaction that results in too little of what was needed? And how do I ensure it doesn't become an unexpected surplus purchase?


  • Hi Brian - We passed along your question to instructor Mikey Cooke and here's what he had to say:

    Unfortunately, it's hard to gauge how much you'll need without practice. Roughly you'll end up using about a pint of gel coat, 1/2 gallon of EpoxAmite, and 1/2 gallon of Free Form AIR for a mold roughly the size of the one in the course video. But there are too many factors to determine an exact amount of materials needed. However, if I remember correctly in the course video I did go over the amount used in terms of grams.
    Hope that helps,
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