Ema Klucovska


  • Cuttlebot

    Hello friends, I'm sending my second robot :smile: called Cuttlebot. Cuttlebot is a water robot for destroying submarines and warships. Each tentacle contains a different weapon of destruction. Cuttl… (View Post)
  • Alienbot

    Hello friends! I'm sending my first robot I've ever created. It was big fun making it :smile: My alienbot's hind legs are adapted to big jumps and its front legs can attach to any surface. It could b… (View Post)
  • Pteronymus

    Hello friends, here's my another dinosaur! Pteronymus is a species of the biggest pterodactyls. Pteronymus is a vegetarian, it mainly eats coconuts which it can break with its massive beak. Little ch… (View Post)
  • Beakmole

    Hello friends, I'm posting my ZBrush model of my Beakmole creature :smile: Here's its story (the friend of mine helped me with it): Beakmoles' habitat is on an unexplored huge island in the Pacific O… (View Post)
  • Cryon

    Hello everyone :smile: I'm pretty busy with my work, but if I'll have some time left, I change the pictures for much more detailed ones. :wink: Here's my Cryon: They are organisms on a planet called … (View Post)