Hello friends!
I'm sending my first robot I've ever created. It was big fun making it :smile: 
My alienbot's hind legs are adapted to big jumps and its front legs can attach to any surface. It could be a robot rescuer or medic. Its big head has a function of a truck where it carries medicine. Alienbot can also repair vehicles and other robots. It has sensors at its head and also at its back. The robot's h
eight at the withers is 5 feet.


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    Amazing!! But not sure if i would want to be rescued by it though!
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    edited July 2015
    That's really wicked. Realistic, yet imbued with great character. More nuanced texturing on the white parts to indicate seams and access panels would go a long way.
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    I give up
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    Joshua, never give up! ;)
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    I really like the lighting on this, especially on the White panels. Nice! 
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    I really love this one!  Looks like something inspired by Apple Seed or Ghost in the Shell.  Still waiting on live action (computer animated) versions of Apple Seed and Ghost in the Shell.  Anyway, great work whatever your inspirations were! 
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    Overal form is very cool but the details are astonishing.  Loving the balance between the smooth white and the detail rich black.  Well done.

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