Hello friends,
I'm posting my ZBrush model of my Beakmole creature :smile: 
Here's its story (the friend of mine helped me with it):

Beakmoles' habitat is on an unexplored huge island in the Pacific Ocean. There are also huge carnivorous worms which are supposed to be food of the Beakmoles. The island is not settled by humans, but the beast has the strength to kill one. They are blind. They use only their hearing and a sense of smell. They can dig holes - tunnels pretty fast (just like a mole) and they are also able to breathe under water. The skin is as hard as rhinos'. When the beast is calm, the jaws or the beak are inserted inside the head under the skin. Beakmoles' jaws could be compared to a drilling machine.

Hope you like it :blush: 

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