Creature Sculpting Contest - Don't Shoot the Messenger....or he'll.....


I the simple line above to help inspire the sculpture, the idea was that the character was a messenger, but he'd been attacked upon arrival and was now furious and about to retaliate. I'd also loved the imagery of the Bald Uakar monkeys, being so thoughtful and deep, and wanted to use their characteristics as a basis of a creature. Here's my final sculpture, many thanks for checking it out.

Here's a little on the process I went through. Having limited time I wanted a quicker way to get my sculptures started so I created a 1/3 scale base shape and practiced a quick matrix mold so that I could melt Chavant into it, saving me time at the initial stage.

These are some of the amazing images of the Bald Uakar monkey.

This was building up on the base to create the initial facial structure. The last images shows the temporary arrow and trying out some scrolls on his back, before dismissing this idea. The eyes are ball bearings.

I borrowed a lathe from a friend at work and scavenged some seasoned Oak to turn the base. It was a bit messy!

Hopefully I'll get to mold and cast it very soon.

Thank you again for looking at this.


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