Here is the place you ask questions to your instructor & your classmates.
Once you post your questions, I will pass them to your instructor. When I get answers & post it on the forum.
I encourage other classmates answer questions if you know!
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  • Hello! I was wondering if it would be a good idea to draw up some concepts and ideas for what you want to make before we start? Or should this be something to do after the first lesson with the Sketch & Design homework we'll be given then?

  • Hello Emelie! 
    I personally recommend you work on your sketches after the first lesson. Watch & learn how Sandy sketches. You will probably learn a few tips in the class.
  • Yesterday Matt kept saying that Day 2 of the course was in 2 weeks- isn't it scheduled for the 17th of November? That is next Tuesday.  Correct?
  • Yes next Tuesday!  Not in 2 weeks.
    Thanks for asking!
  • A question! It says homework has to be due today, but it doesn't specify a time, does that mean anytime today?
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