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  • Great stuff
  • Richard WestonRichard Weston ✭✭✭
    edited July 2013
    I managed to do a bit more to increase some of the contrast (it still needs more), and I added a quick white wash on the eyes so they don't reflect as much of the surrounding colour.
  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    This is really going well Richard!!keep it up! I love your sculpting and where this is going!
  • The lighting on this one is all wrong though.  I just realized that.  It's washed out.  I'll colour correct a new one and post it if I can.
  • Thanks Stan. 
  • Christopher VaughanChristopher Vaughan ✭✭✭✭✭
    That looks awesome Richard!

  • Thanks Christopher!
  • Yeah, I'm loving this little shark goblin guy!
  • Thanks Justin.  I'm already planning a troll type thing based on your painted game character.
  • edited July 2013
    Hi Everyone,

    Here are those images I promised from the demonstration on skin painting.

    A brief run down on what was done.

    1: Red translucent speckle
    2: veining and a very light shading of blue/green in recesses such as muscles and temples.
    3: light veins over chest and head
    4: secondary darker red purple with some brown speckle
    5: adding warm yellow over spray
    6: adding red spots and more red shading in lips, ear's, eye and check bone areas.
    7: dark brown spots, beauty marks
    8: darker sepia brown on a few beauty marks
    9: light black in ear holes and nostrils, deepest recesses only
    10: wash in age spots liver spots with brush yellow brown tone.

  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    Casey, by any chance, could you post a few photos of your red/ white spider web pattern that you did at the end of last weeks lesson. I am so amazed how many little steps there are to get that giraffe pattern. Kudos. I want to attempt the same strategy when I attack your Moorwen bust! I know you are busy.... Perhaps you can post photos even after the third lesson. BTW your course is so awesome! I am learning so much even if it doesn't necessarily show in homework...
  • And I'm just going to keep asking for photos of the green/black alien bust :)
  • It's been a real pleasure meeting everyone and seeing everyone's amazing work. Will miss class, learned a ton.
    Just wanted to share a few images of some things I've sculpted before we part ways. I rarely take pics of my stuff, especially lately, so these are earlier efforts. The superhero stuff were comissioned works, good learning experiences, and made a little dough, but not my favorite subject matter. Love original Monsters, Aliens, Creatures!!! Now that's the good stuff.
    Notice nothing's painted? that will be changing from now on, Thanks Casey, and class!       
  • Marc awesome work. 

  • Almost forgot, one thing I did recently that I did actually take some pics of, my entry in SWSCA Jurrasic Park Contest, DInoSapien, a dino human hybrid idea, his face has been my icon for this class, rushed him a bit because the contest only gave a week or two, which for me means a weekend or two, have revisited him since and punched up the textures     
  • Great stuff Marc! Inspired!
  • So many great all make me I am truly motivated to jump into this sculpting and yes even airbrush thing. Marc I would love some info on the armature builds you use.
  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    Marc... I love all of your stuff... Especially that last entry, Dinosapien, the cool TRex and that lycanthrope. Wow
  • Great work Marc



  • wow Marc that is awesome work. what kind of clay do you use? Is it a chavant medium? 
  • here is some of my work. The sculpt on the right I flew in to LA to take a week course with someone. I need to make some changes to it still. Heard when you have a full time job, full time dad, and squeezing in some classes. 
  • Very nice Anthony, always wanted to try my hand at the make up stuff too, how did you get started? And who was the maquette done with ?
  • I took a 2-3 classes in my early 20's. I had a family around the same time. I could afford my 2 loves. So I pick my family. I picked it up again going on 2 yrs. Im 42 now. lol. I did the marquette in Don Lanning class that I attended in Dec of 2012. It cost me a pretty penny since I live in FL and the class was in LA.  
  • I sculpt this gorilla three weeks ago. What you think about this gorilla?
  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    very nice job Ariadna! wow. i love it!
    Anthony, your work is so impressive too! Great job!

  • Well I'm calling this one done. Unless I get more time, the only thing left to do is make a base for it.
  • Stan WongStan Wong ✭✭✭
    Awesome Richard!!!
  • Christopher VaughanChristopher Vaughan ✭✭✭✭✭
    nice work!

  • Richard I think pitch black eyes would work really well for your character. Awesome character needless to say, great job on it but it's just an idea to try out.
  • Thanks Jordan! I'll try that in photoshop first.
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