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Hi Christian, 

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  • Very challenging assignment. I began a new head from scratch. I feel like my initial blockin of the forms on this one were more proportionally accurate, then adding the features lead to adding to the chin which cascaded into the overall proportion being more toward cro-magnon/troll again vs a standard male head (big ears again too.)

    The forms at one point were very rounded and soft so I went in with a tool and carved out the planes one by one which brought it back from being blobby.

    I will post a video of this version and try to post corrections to the head this weekend for my own piece of mind.

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  • Christian, the forehead needs to be built up a bit more; remember, the eyes come halfway down the face. Also, the brow seems a bit heavy… try to lessen how much it overhangs the eyes. The ears are too big, and are also too far back on the head. Build up the neck more underneath the jawline; it should come forward at a slant to the bottom of the jaw. Looks good---keep working!
  • Thanks for the critique Jordu. I addressed the notes you mentioned. The features still need refining. Had a bit of an issue with the neck and now that I see it, the ears are still too big. Also was challenged with the cheek bone form/plane directly under the eye.
    I just need to do more of these. Thanks again for having the class and taking time to give feedback.

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