Ballsack chin???

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I want to make a prosthetic scrotum that holds onto my chin. Kinda like the Ballchinian from Men in Black 2. Should I make it out of silicone? Do I need a 2 part mold? Is skin adhesive strong enough to hold the ballsack onto my chin? Can someone give me instructions please? Thanks very much.

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  • And also, which shore durometer should I use and would it be safe to just make a alginate impression of my balls?
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    I was a little tentative about answering this one, but I don't want to... leave you hanging. 

    Silicone would be the ideal material for the final prosthetic, as you would want a good deal of flexibility and some weight to motivate movement. Your best bet for attaching the prosthetic would probably be Telisis 5 adhesive. Failing that (which is rather expensive) you could use Pros Aide. But you will get a much better bond from the Telisis. 

    You may even want to make the prosthetic as a slackened silicone encapsulated in bald cap plastic. The plastic may limit the range of stretch you get out of the prosthetic, but will allow you to slacken the silicone a great deal to provide more organic movement. 

    I would run a few test pieces to see how the two methods and different consistencies perform. This will increase cost/time, but depending on the performance needs (if this is for film) you may want to make that initial investment.

    Smooth-On has a flexible platinum cure silicone called Ecoflex that is available in low durometer consistencies. They also have a product called Slacker that will deaden the silicone to make it even softer. 

    I would advise against life casting your own... anatomy, as that would would leave you with a lot more work and has a few safety concerns. 

    If you went the lifecast route you would still need to produce a clay or stone casting to make your final molds for casting the appliances. 

    If you start with a clay sculpt you can go directly to making the final 2 part stone, glass, or resin mold. You will have a lot more control over the dimensions, detail, and fit of the prosthetic if you sculpt it on a head form or life cast so it will properly blend into the chin of your actor.  Make sure you anchor it to your head form with an armature.

    Best of luck, and be safe! 

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