Homework Day 3



  • Shannon,

    Thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement.  And I totally agree about the artwork.  I had something better in mind, but just ran out of time because I had a bunch of other sketches to do for an actual paying job. Not an excuse, just an explanation.  :) 

    I'll be setting up my one-on-one soon.  Just gotta find some time...
  • You are more than welcome Brian!
    I look forward to speaking with you!!!!

  • Proud of you Shelly!
    Go!  Make money!  Be successful!

  • hey Shannon, I got your feedback and I gotta say your like octane booster to my creative fuel! I will capitalise on what I am good at and work on what I am not. I am so ready to start creating for a living, this is my year! Also, it was great getting to know you a little bit as a person, your one of the good one's man.I am hoping to meet with you today just waiting for confirmation from chris.

    ps happy birthday,  52 aye  holly shelaley!!!!!!!!                                 thank you sir for your kind words

  • Justin, my absolute pleasure!  Don't think I'm not going to share some of your drawings (with your permission) to some of my colleagues!  They are very cool and original.  Looking forward to speaking with you!

  • This has been a great experience for us here at AMMS! Happy Birthday Shannon and thank you for the fantastic opportunity and evaluation.

    Last week we ( as our haunt, Headless Horseman Hayrides) attended the annual Transworld Halloween and Haunted Attraction Show , a trade show for the haunt and Halloween industry in St Louis  Missouri. We have done a lot of networking and research over the past couple years there and met up with alot of vendors that are great  craftsmen and artists that use the Halloween and costume industries as additional income when not doing film work. Discussions with vendors ranged from from CNCing, Zbrush, silicone molds, to silicone mask painting and more; we sat in on animatronics seminars as well.

    We recommended SWSCA and this course to all that we spoke with. We also recommend everyone here taking a look at that trade show next spring. We've been attending as buyers for 2 decades, and are considering attending as vendors.

  • Hey Shannon, here's one more...
  • Hey everybody -

    I've been having my professional hangouts with some of you but I want to invite all of you to connect with me through Twitter!  Please follow me on twitter and I'll return the favor! 

  • Devin WhiteDevin White TX, USA
    @BlueRealmStud for us.  Shannon's is @ShannonShea just fyi.
  • Thanks Charlie!  How is "that opportunity" going? Email me!

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