Problem with WED Clay: big cracks

Hi everyone,

When i use WED Clay, i got always surprises... and it is not good suprises.
I would like to know how can i sculpt without having cracks when the sculpture is drying.

When my sculptures are drying, i got always cracks. I don't know why. 
Because the clay is too wet or too dry at the start? Is it drying too much quickly?
I sculpt in my cave. So the room is not very hot.

Here is an example. I try to sculpt Skeletor.

I have used a kind of head foam (like that : link) and put the WED clay on it. Like the Anubis tutorial.




  • Hi Etienne,

    This problem is common with water based clays when they are allowed to dry out.  If you are going to leave the sculpture over night, or even for a few hours, it is best to place damp paper towels over the surface of the entire sculpt and then cover the sculpt in a plastic garbage bag to help contain the moisture.   If the sculpt needs to sit for days/weeks just make sure you check in on it every day or two and replace the paper towels with new damp ones or mist a bit of water on them.  How often you need to do this depends on temperature and humidity.

    The clay being thin can also produce cracking, so thinner areas will need a bit more attention as they will dry out faster.

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