Contest Entry: 7Ft Alien Warrior Costume With Animatronic mouth, lips and Tongue!

Well, here he is. Meet Fluffy - my scratchbuilt Alien! Technically, this is the Mk2 version, as the head is more accurate, easy to wear and has animatronics (albeit simple ones). I'll try and keep this brief! He's made primarily from recycled EVA foam detailed with a soldering iron and heat gun; and is almost 100% recycled/upcycled materials. The front is a smoked motorcycle helmet visor to allow me to see through, and when I have the feet on, I reach about 7ft in height.  I wanted to control all of the movements from inside the head, so I devised an array of buttons and switches that are operated by me contorting my lips, face and tongue! The reason for this, is that I wanted to be able to curl the lips separately from the mouth and tongue. I reckon he cost less that £200 to make. As you can see, he's got a little Comic Con damage, but he held up pretty well! I just wish I wasn't such a short-arse so I didn't have to wear those damn feet! Here's a little video of my performance at the Cardiff Con - you can just about see the mouth movements. There is another vid of me and my Predator friend which shows it even better, but that's on his Facebook profile! Oh and yes, the tendons are indeed condoms - gotta be as authentic as possible!

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  • Lee PearsonLee Pearson ✭✭✭
    Good work sir :)
  • Lee PearsonLee Pearson ✭✭✭
    Really good work mate ,lee.
  • Why thank you very much, sir!! I'm sorry about the link, I can't work out how to embed the video! 

  • Amazing costume.
  • Amazing  costume.Love Fluffy.Well done.
  • He's  so fluffy I'm going to die 🤙!!!!!
  • Ahaaha! thanks guys!!!

  • Wow that;s really amazing. Nice pulse rifle.
  • If you want check my zbrush works out. Lee thank you sir.
  • Hey you the guy who did the alien, brilliant work mate lee.
  • Cheers dude!! 

  • I had idea to, just put all my monsters on here, I spent from 1998-2011 doing uni courses and wasting my time on comission, that people never paid up, after 22 years, i was not happy i only love monsters, and hopefully getting an new laptop for digital monsters.speak soon and check out this gears of war I did last night. Lee
  • Mate, that's awesome! I know what you mean about commissions..I've been stung. Now I only do them if I get full or part payment up front! 

  • I don't do comissions any more, because they muck me about, so I just applied for companies now speak soon lee.
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