Monster Mash

Attached is our eps foam sculpted Diorama of David Hartman's illustration "Monster Mash"  (sculpted with permission and recently displayed at Monsterpalooza 2015) The Sculpture was originally intended to be a 2ft deep relieve sculpture, but as we started extracting the parts from the two (2) blocks of foam (3'x4'x8') used, it became quickly apparent that in order for the design to properly come to life, each piece of the illustration needed to be a stand alone, fully 3D sculpture.   The challenge that now presented it's self was that since the original illustration only had one view, with most of the characters faces having been drawn looking off to an askew side and no other references available, the rest of the angles and views needed to be created on the fly, as we sculpted the parts and yet stay true to the illustration, so that if you were to stand back and float a transparent copy of the original illustration over the finished sculpture, they would blend together as close as possible.  The sculpture was created from foam extraction only.  There was no cnc used, no clays used, no internal framing, no molds made, and no parts cast.  At the sculpture's completion,we sprayed a polyurea hard coating and applied paint. 

6.jpg 142.1K
2.jpg 140.7K
5.jpg 145.3K
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10.jpg 224.2K
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