T-rex Head

Before I begin, I based the cardboard head off of Epic Cardboard Props’s schematics on YouTube which was originally based on the original Jurassic Park T-Rex. Initially, I was building this for my classroom (I’m a grade-school teacher) with just the cardboard sculpture in mind but then I began experimenting with modeling foam for skin. Ideally I want one side to be detailed modeling foam and the other to remain cardboard so that students can see how it was created. For the eyes I experimented with many different mediums such as ping pong balls, fish bobbers, glass lens, but I ultimately settled on using a wooden sphere that was painted with nail polish and wax. I would then have the painted spheres sit in a mold and would then fill with resin. I’m still working on getting those air bubbles out! For the teeth I created them entirely out of cardboard and clear nail polish. For the tongue, I used a cardboard base then I used hot pink modeling foam to cover it. In order to get the correct tongue texture I used a soap stone. For the mouth crease membrane I used a latex workout band (I’m hoping to paint it later on) As for the gums, I used red hot glue which in theory was a great idea but in practice it made the mouth look bloody so I had to try and iron out the gums. I am hoping to display this in school in the steam room so that students can interact with the sculpture. 


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