Deet - Dark Crystal Gelfling - Handsculpt and silicone cast - Contest Submission

Timelapse of the entire creation process:
Deet Sculpture Timelapse

Pics of finished sculpture and pre-mould in-clay sculpt:

Hand sculpted in a Chavant/Monsterclay mix, medium grade.  Moulded in condensation cure silicone, cast in shore 10 platinum silicone.  Painted with Smooth-On Psycho Paints.  Hair a mixture of synthetic wig, and alpaca fiber.  Clothes hand tailored from a mix of charity shop clothes I cut and stitched by hand, adding some gold trim and beads, etc.    Entire creation done solely by myself, EXCEPT the eyes, which were created collaboratively, so for judging sake, please exclude the eyes if considered.    Thanks for the consideration and hope you enjoy the work!
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