Claude- Dinoflagellate (Bioluminescent Algae)

Claude was inspired by the American Museum of Natural History’s recent exhibition “Creatures of Light” which was all about bioluminescence.  Part of the exhibit features an enlarged model of dinoflagellate algae, which glow blue when disturbed.  I found the shape very interesting and wanted to design a creature inspired by it.


I imagined Claude as part of a larger colony of very curious creatures, hence his wide eyes and open mouth.  Dinoflagellates come in a variety of shapes, many of which have long tendrils and ruffles.  Even though the actual sculpture stands nearly two feet tall, I imagined that if his race existed, they would only be about one to two inches in length.


Claude is sculpted from Cosclay, which allows me to make modifications to his pose.  The flexible polymer clay also allows me to create the delicate ruffles on his arms and legs.  He his painted with acrylic, and glows blue in the dark and under black light.

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