Red Riding Hood Art Doll

11 inch Polymer Clay Art Doll- Title: "My Grandmother, what big GEARS you have!": This Little Red is no fool! She rang grandmothers doorbell and blurts out "My Grandmother, what big GEARS you have!" as she tries not to convey her gut instinct that something is amiss. This surely is not the dear granny she remembers who lives nestled in the woods in the English countryside, far off from the hustle and bustle of London. Instead a mechanical werewolf creature has taken grannies place. She told 'grandma' she dropped a present for her on the tracks during her journey and will just quickly go fetch it (knowing that most creatures no matter their kind cannot resist a generous offering) but really she's gonna make a run for it! She's hoping this diversion will increase her odds for a narrow escape. She'll leave some bread and whiskey as a gift along the way but she's definitely a bit startled and keeping a close watch over her shoulder, she may lose some of her treasured trinkets as she makes her getaway as well. 'Little Red Riding Hood' is my favorite fairytale! My version has a slight steampunk twist, Red carries an old suitcase instead of a basket and has accessories such as goggles, binoculars, compass, and map. She travels a wintery, moonlit, forested path with train tracks for an added industrial feel.
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